Export Document for painting from Russia

Send painting in different country
you want send your painting with transport delivery service or post office
we need take picture yourself
you want prepare document for your friend, customer
Expert in art
document must be issued by a certified cultural property expert
We choose best expert in your question
  • Painting (Russia, Asia, India)
    Painting by oil or acrylic with help canvas or wood materials
  • Drawing (Russia, Asia, India)
    Paper, watercolour, pastel, pencil, ink
  • Sculpture
    объемный предмет, выполненный с применением современных материалов: бронза, металл, мрамор
  • Musical instrument
    pasport for Musical instrument
  • DAA
    decorative and applied arts
  • Orders, awards, weapons
    cold weapons, rewards
Document for export i.e. Expert Opinion
1. Your Name, Surname from pasport
2. Electron certificate signature of expert
2. Personal Signature of expert
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