Master of Russian landscape
Artist Vasil Zagretdinov

Zagretdinov Vasil Vahidovich

Since 2010, he has been working at the Cheboksary art school as a senior teacher. He is The Chairman of the subject cycle Commission of the specialty "Design". He is a regular participant of plein airs.

The artist's works are: in the Museum of the National cultural center of Kazan, in the art Museum of Orenburg, in the art galleries of Buinsk, Bugulma of the Republic of Tatarstan, in Krasnochetayskaya, Mariinsko-Posadskaya, Yadrinskaya, Yaranskaya and Chuguevskaya art galleries, as well as in private collections in Russia and abroad.

18.01.1966 - born in the village of Alkeevo in the Buinsky district of the Tatar USSR
1985 - received the profession of decorator-designer in Kazan
1994 - graduated from the art and graphic faculty of the Yakovlev with a degree in "Teacher of fine arts, drawing and labor".
1994-1995 - teacher at the children's art school in Cheboksary
1997-1999 - chief advertising specialist of Cheboksary, head of the group for art and design work and the Department of urban design of the Cheboksary city administration
2001 - accepted as a member of the Union Of artists of Russia.
2003-2010 - senior lecturer of the Department at the art and graphic faculty of TIIR in the Chuvash state pedagogical University named after I. ya. Yakovlev
2008 - completed postgraduate studies in fine and decorative arts and architecture
Since 2010 - teacher of Cheboksary art school.

2006, 2013 - international Repin plein air in Chuguev, Kharkiv region
2012, 2016 - "Buzuluksky forest" plein air in Orenburg region
2014, 2015 - "Vyatka Province" plein air in Yaransk, Kirov region

Vasil Zagretdinov